The Zany Teaser of ‘Dokyala Shot’ Released!


The production house which has given many hits in Marathi films arena namely with their production house ‘A VIVA IN AN PRODUCTIONS’ which is very soon going to release director Shivkumar Parthsarathy’s hilariously zany film ‘Dokyala Shot’ and the teaser of the film was recently released on the social media to tumultuous response.

In the teaser Ganesh Pandit is seen speaking about the marriage of Suvrat Joshi and Prajakta Mali. On the basis of this it can be deduced that the film is about friendship, love and marriage. And since the lovers come from different language, cast and background it is the more difficult problem for the lover couple’s friends. This is evident in the teaser also. The various feelings of apprehension, nervousness, and responsibility of a couple before and after marriage is witnessed in the teaser. This state of a newly hitched couple is interestingly picturized by the director in the film in a very appealing and funny manner in a honest effort. Those who have been married and are about to marry will definitely identify with the subject of the film.

There are films which have been made on the subject of friendship and marriage but this film will definitely jolt your brains. The film produced by Uttung Hitendra Thakur and directed by Suman Sahu is all set to release on March 1. The film stars Suvrat Joshi, Prajakta Mali ,Ganesh Pandit along with Rohit Haldankar, and Omkar Goverdhan in important roles.

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