An Intoxicating Romantic Song From The Forthcoming Movie ‘Dry-Day’


An Intoxicating Romantic Song From The Forthcoming Movie ‘Dry-Day’ –Launched Recently

Love is an intoxication that hypnotizes one without having consumed any alcohol. Every person who has fallen in love is smitten and intoxicated by this wonderful but indescribable feeling. Audiences will soon get to experience these hypnotic feelings associated with love in the soon to be released movie Dry Day.

Presented by Anand Sagar Production House and directed by Pandurang Jadhav, the romantic song Ashi Kashi which features in the movie Dry Day was launched recently on social media. The song is an integral part of the film which is produced by Sanjay A Patil and promises to refresh those who will watch this romantic ditty. The romantic life led by the youngsters of today is well depicted through this song. The song which features the dew fresh pair of Rutwik Kendre and Monalisa Bagal is attracting the youngsters especially those who have recently fallen in love. The song which is penned by Jay Atre has been sung by popular Hindi playback singers Jonita Gandhi and Ash King. It has been shot in the picturesque locations of Kashmir and will enable audiences to view the pristine beauty of Srinagar.

Ashi Kashi Song Dry Day

In a nutshell, the film’s title Dry Day perfectly justifies itself and through the song Ashi Kashi perfectly conveys the intoxicated feelings one witnesses after falling  in love. This ‘hatke’ film which will release on the 10th of November this year has been written and directed by Pandurang Jadhav, while Nitin Dikshit has written the screenplay and dialogues. The film which has been lensed by DOP Nagaraj Divakar has been edited by Amit Kumar. Besides, the pair of Ritvik and Monalisa, audiences will also get to see Kailash Waghmare, Yogesh Madhav Sohoni, Parth Ghadge, Chinmay  Kambli, Aayli Ghiya, Arun Nalawade and Jayaram Nair in the film.