Shivya Marathi Movie Review : Comments on how abusing can affect you ??

Shivya Marathi Movie Review Comments on how abusing can affect you

 Review Ti Dete, To Deto, Te Detat, Saglech Detat , Shivya Marathi Movie Review

  • Starcast – Bhushan Pradhan, Sanskruti Balgude, Vidhyadhar Joshi, Uday Sabnis, Piyush Ranade, Shubhangi Latkar, Akshay Waghmare, Mrunal Chemburkar,Shilpa Gandhi.
  • Studio – SARA Motion Pictures, Golden Petals Films, Karma Films, Rangmanch Entertainment.
  • Producer – Dhwani Sakar Raut, Nilesh Ravindra Zope, Mihir Karkarey, Aashay Palekar.
  • Director – Sakar Raut.
  • Executive Producer – Mitali Bendke, Suraj Mathkar.
  • Story, Screenplay – Sakar Raut, Nilesh Zope.
  • Dialogues – Nilesh Zope.
  • Release Date – 21 April 2017

Rating – 02/05


When the situation gets out of hand what does a person do? Out of the many methods used to vent anger, abusing (Shivya) is the one commonly used. Meaning the villein from ‘Ti Dete To Deto Te Detat Saglech Detat Shivya ‘ too does nothing different. Because of this fowl language what all difficulties he goes through, how his own people start drifting away from him.. like these many trivial things are thrown at the audience by the writer-director.

Raghav (Bhushan Pradhan) is the central lead of the movie. He’s emotionally affected because of his daddy abusing a lot in his childhood and that’s why he tends to abuse in every small situation which comes up. His family members are affected because of his this habit. In his youth he falls in love with Sharvari ( Sanskruti Balgude). But because of his habit of using cuss words her family members too turn against him and take a stand of not wanting a son in law like him.

In every love story a villein is a must! Taking this in mind a don that is Vikram (Piyush Ranade) has been introduced as a villein. Against her will, Sharvari’S parents fix her wedding with Vikram. And then things take shape as they normally do in any cliche love story. Raghav is a very well mannered boy if left alone the use abusive language is a realization of Sharvari’s parents. They have shown a rocking action sequence between Vikram and Raghav. Finally Vikram is taken away by the police and we too are free to go home. Meaning after the interval the audience look forward to go home soon; but we wait till the movie ends. We get to hear many  abuses in the movie. (That explains why it was given the ‘A’ certification.) Meanwhile we don’t get to hear anything apart from cuss words!

The habit of using bad words can go away and that man’s life can get better, such a trivial message has been put forth in the movie. But just to pass on this simple message why did the writer-director have to make such a long movie is a question that remains unanswered.

Bhushan Pradhan and Piyush Ranade fight well. Sanskruti Balgude plays the role of a doll pretty well. Uday Sabnis, Vidyadhar Joshi justify their roles well. Singer Javed Ali’s one song which has been sung we’ll comes in the end of movie while showing the ending titles.