Zee Talkies all set to air first ever Marathi Silent Thriller ~ Tathastu


Zee Talkies all set to air first ever Marathi silent thriller ~ Tathastu

Tathastu, a silent thriller starring ‘Sandeep Pathak’ and ‘Madhavi Nimkar’, will be telecast on Zee Talkies on December 3, 10 pm and on Sunday 10 pm.Pathak is known for his versatile talent across the three platforms of theatre serials and films.Directed by Sahil Abhay Tandel, Marathi film world’s young talent, and produced by Zee Talkies and Film Positive, the film does not have a single spoken word.

“Being a silent thriller, Tathastu is sans any dialogue from the film’s actors. Doing such a film is no doubt very challenging but it also brought me a lot of joy and creative satisfaction,” the film’s lead actor ‘Sandeep Pathak’ said.The film is the first ever silent movie to adorn the Marathi film world and Pathak plays a deranged character.

Gaurav Ponkshe has helmed the cinematography department. Both Pathak and Ponkshe are to be credited for this film becoming a reality after they successfully pitched the concept as well as the story line to Zee Talkies and Film Positive.No doubt, with Tathastu Zee Talkies has set a new trend which will be very difficult to emulate in the days to come.

The film dwells on the fact that your past deeds/misdeeds come to haunt your present and future. Zee Talkies has expressed confidence that the film will leave its Marathi audience spellbound despite the silence they will come across on the small screen.

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