Uncannily Striking “Kanika” will be Meeting You on 31st March

Uncannily Striking "kanika" will be Meeting You on 31st March

Marathi Cinema + Spooky =….. Wait for it..!

Uncannily Striking “Kanika” will be meeting you on 31st March in your nearest movie theatres!
-A different kind of horror story
– Pushkar Manohar’s first step in direction.

Movies having different different nature are being produced in Marathi cinema. Though, horror story is something which has remained unexplored in Marathi. Kanika, A ‘Seven Wonder’s Motion Pictures’ production, is being released on 31st March. Director Pushkar Manohar will be starting his journey in directing with this movie.

Himself being a businessman, Pushkar had a liking towards cinema. Through that liking he has made “Kanika” possible. He has put forward a story that goes hand in hand with the ongoings of today’s world. This is a horror story. This is definitely going be a new variety of cinema in Marathi industry. The starcast in the movie are Sharad Ponkshe, Smita Shewale, Chaitrali Gupte, Kamlakar Satpute, Ananda Karekar and Falguni Rajni. Pushkar himself has done the writing of the screenplay of ‘Kanika’. The main peculiarity of this movie is that it doesn’t have even a single song. Sandeep Manohar of ‘Seven words motion pictures’ has produced this movie. The music has been given by Amey Nare, cameraman Chandrasekhar Nagarkar and Kuldeep Mehan has got everything together.

In Marathi there’s only social  or comedy cinemas is a misbelief which prevails among the people. But, apart from this there are many things happening around us which are debatable. We cannot see it’s image in our life. But you cannot deny its presence. In Marathi cinema, a horror story is a new approach. The director, Pushkar Manohar says, ‘ Audience are expected to like and appreciate the work and effort put in this venture.’