Small Screen Artist Akshaya’s Entry on Big Screen!

Small Screen Artist Akshaya's Entry on Big Screen!

A new trend is coming in Marathi cinema that is of new faces. These new faces are trying to make their place in the film industry. The faces which worked in theatres, TV serials are now aspiring to work on bigger grounds. Akshaya Hindalkar is one such name.

Akshaya from ‘Saraswati’ serial will now be seen on big screen. In the upcoming Action pad movie, ‘Rocky’ we’ll be seeing Akshaya in the lead role. Sanjana is the name of her character, and she’s a silent and innocent girl, and something unexpected is going to happen which will give her life a turn.. based on this is the story of ‘Rocky‘.

This movie is a production of ‘Seven Seas’ and ‘Dream Weaver’ and it’s being directed by Adnan Shaikh. While talking about her opportunity, Akshaya says, “I’m very lucky that I got to work with famous actors. I got to learn a lot from everyone.” This movie comprises of romance, family drama and auction and it casts famous actors like Pradeep Velankar, Ashok Shinde, Yatin Karyekar, Ganesh Yadav, Kranti Redkar, Vinit Sharma, Swapnil Rajashekar, Dipti Bhagwat, Akshaya Hindalkar, Sandeep Salve, and hindi movie actor Rahul Dev. Nitin Shilkar, Manish Desai, Prashant Tripathi, Himanshu Ashar are the producers of the movie. Movie’s story writing and screenplay writing has been done by Adnan Shaikh whereas the dialogue writing has been done by Aditya Habale. Cinematography has been done by Farukh Khan where as music has been given by Sameer Saptiskar, Wasim Khan and Imran Sadani.