‘Redu’s Director Sagar Vanjari’s new film ‘Raapan’ !

'Redu's Director Sagar Vanjari's new film Raapan !

Director Sagar Vanjari who got a lot of critical acclaim for his first film ‘Redu’ has announced his next film ‘Raapan’! The film was launched on social media by Sagar on 1st Januray! The poster of Raapan which was launched on the social media depicts a boat out fishing in the sea with a net and then comes the title ‘Raapan’.

The poster is very meaningful and attractive and has raised a lot of curiosity among the trade and audiences. From the audiences it is revealed that Prasad Namjoshi has written the film . The film ‘Redu‘ has got national and international acclaim in various festivals and the director Sagar Vanzari was awarded the prestigious Aravindan memorial Award for ‘Redu’.  And therefore it is but natural that film buffs are eagerly awaiting his next film ‘Raapan’. Sagar reveals that the work on the film is going on  and the rest of the cast and credits will be announced soon  but he assures that it will be a content and message driven film.