Phulraani Coming Back With New Look

ti Phulraani Hemangi Kavi

‘Ti Phulraani’ Coming Back Again

Maharashtra’s favorite writer personality P.L. Deshpande, has written a lovely drama ‘Ti Phulraani’, which has deserved a great place in the mind of audience. That Phulraani coming again with new look. Already acted Bhakti Barve, Priya Tendulkar, Sukanya Kulkarni and Amruta Subhas for fulraani, who have achieved great glamour to Phulraani. By taking these points in to consideration ‘Shivdanushya’ writter and drama director Rajesh Deshpande bringing us Ti Fulraani again with new look and new glamour.

“This play has a different experience for me and I am honestly trying to give real enjoyment of phulraani to audience. None of the things has not been changed except few technological aspects” said director Rajesh Deshpande.

Ashtagandh Entertainment productions Andonis Enterprises presents ‘Ti Fulraani’ soon in theaters. It is produced by Dhananjay Chalake. It has a great work to work like previous phulraani’s so  this character is played by talented actress ‘Hemangi Kavi‘. She is ready with dialogue, “Tula Shikwin Changlach Dhada…”Hemangi Kavi as Phulraani

Along with Hemangi Kavi famous actor Dr. Girish Oak is in the character of Professor, also Meenakshi Joshi, Rasika Dhamanakar, Nitin Narkar, Pranjal Damle, Vijay Patwardhan, Niranjan Javir, Harish Tandale, Disha Dande, Sunil Jadhav, Anjali Mayadev acted for this.

Backstage by ‘Sandesh Bendre’ who have done backstage for current famous plays like ‘Tinhisanja’& ‘Spirit’. Costumes by ‘Mahesh Sherla’ who have got Zee’s best costumes award for Lokmanya marathi movie. Make Up by ‘Uday Tangadi’, music by ‘Ek Porgi Nakyawarti‘ fem Nishant Golambare and lights by ‘Bhushan Desai’. Jayant Desai and Dilip Jadhav has got special co-operation for play.

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