Mangesh Desai performs action stunts on his own for Bhagwan Dada’s biopic Ekk Albela!

Mangesh Desai performs action stunts on his own for Bhagwan Dada’s biopic EkkAlbela!

Mangesh Desai performs action stunts on his own for Bhagwan Dada’s biopic Ekk Albela

For versatile actor Mangesh Desai, stepping into the shoes of the legendary late actor Bhagwan Dada in the biopic Ekk Albela was not easy!

Not only did Mangesh had to learn dance for his role for the first time in his career, but also had to execute some difficult action sequences. Being a huge fan of Bhagwan Dada, who used to choreograph and perform all the action scenes on his own, Mangesh too decided to do the same for Ekk Albela.

A source says, “Mangesh worships Bhagwan Dada as an actor and an achiever. He believes that if Bhagwan Dada can do it, he can also do it. An actor has to accept every challenge that comes his way. Right from jumping from 22-ft wall to sword fighting, he did everything without using body double.”

“In fact, while shooting for a sword-fighting sequence, Mangesh also got injured as the tip of the sword hit his right eye due to which the shooting schedule got delayed for 3-4 hours,” the source adds.

Mangesh recalls, “For the first time in my career, I learnt dancing and performed action sequences for a movie. And it was not easy. I remember on the first day itself, I got injured while practicing sword-fighting sequence with my co-star. It was not easy to jump from a 22-ft wall either! I was quite nervous but took up the challenge and executed the action scenes on my own, which was an experience in tself.”

Ekk Albela is the untold story of India’s first dancing and action hero Bhagwan Dada and his extraordinary journey as he went out to become one of the biggest legends of Hindi cinema.

Produced by Kimaya Motion Pictures and directed by Shekhar Sartandel, Manglmurti Films’ Ekk Albela features award winning versatile actor Mangesh Desai as Bhagwan Dada and the powerhouse performer Vidya Balan portraying the role of renowned yesteryear actress Geeta Bali in her debut Marathi movie.

Ekk Albela is directed by Shekhar Sartandel and produced by Monish Babre, It is a Kimaya Motion Pictures Production and presented by Manglmurti Films and releases on 24th June, 2016.