Lagn Mubarak Marathi Cinema Hits Cinema Halls On 11 May 2018

Lagn Mubarak Marathi Cinema Hits Cinema Halls On 11 MAy 2018

What is ‘Lagn Mubarak’? Confused… Right? Should we say Shaddhi Mubarak? The answer will be ‘yes’. But from now onwards you will have to say ‘Lagn Mubarak’. Why…?  To clear your confusion, Ajinkya Jadhav Productions in association with Abhay Pathak Productions is on its way to meet audience on 11th May 2018, throughout Maharashtra.

At present, many politicians has used religion and your caste for their vote bank, and many people has been effected by this. Some people use caste for their own benefits. ‘Lagn Mubarak’ will ooze out this emotions through a fresh and unique love story to eradicate the differences of caste in love. The music is given by ‘Once More Laav’ frame Piyush, with romantic track of Troy Arif. The lyrics of the movie penned by Akshay Kardak.

Lagn Mubarak Poster

Story by Chetan Chavada and Sagar Patak, while director Sanjay Jadhav will make his debut through ‘Lagn Mubarak’. The star cast of the film  includes Prarthana Behere, Sanskruti Balgude, Astad Kale, Siddhanth Mule, Ramesh Pardesi, Devendra Gaikwad, Vandana VaknisChetan Chavada, Amarnath Kharade, Devendra Gaikwad, Parth Ghatge and many more.

‘Lagn Mubarak’ is produced by Gauri Pathak and presented by Ajinkya Jadhav, while Sumit Agarwal, Rahul Sontakke, Machindra Dhumal, Suraj Chavan and Jayesh Dalavi are co-producer of the film. The film will be seen through the eyes of Bhushan Wani