Halal Awarded By Pune Internatinal Film Festival

Halal Awarded By PIFF For Best Screenplay And Dialogues

Halal Awarded By PIFF For Best Screenplay And Dialogues

In Pune International Film Festival Nishant Dhapase has is awarded with Best Screenplay and dialogues for marathi movie Halal. Producer Amol Kagane said it is pride for us to receive this award.

For Halal screening it was a significant response. Screening is done in presence of Director Shivaji Lotan Patil, Actress Pritam Kagane , Writter Rajan Khan and Producer Amol Kagane. Writter Rajan Khan  said its a story of humanity pain. From the ladies point of view its a social culture changing movie said director Shivaji Lotan Patil.

The movie is based on Writer Rajan Khan’s Novel ‘Halal’, its commenting on Muslim Religion Marriages. Its now keen interest that weather the audience will like the movie ?

The movie is produced by Amol Kagane and Laxman Kagane. Scripts and dialogues by Nishant Dhapase. Camera by Ramani Ranjandas, edited by Nilesh Gawand,Music by Vijay Gatlewar, melodious voice is given by Adarsh Shinde & Vijay Gatlewar.