Umesh Kamat Portraying Autobiography of Dr. Premanand Ramani in his film ‘Tath Kana’

Umesh Kamat Portraying Autobiography of Dr. Premanand Ramani in his film 'Tath Kana'

Marathi Cinema is expanding everyday due to the changing definition of Marathi films. The independent flow of biopics has been created in recent times and Marathi films have got a good response. On the basis of the love of Premanand Ramani, the graphic ‘Tath Kana’- The power of imagination’ is coming. The first glimpse of this film produced by Pradnya Creation was presented at the hands of former MP Ramshet Thakur recently. Vijay Mudshingkar, Neelam Mudshingkar and Karuna Pandit are the producers of this film and directed by Dasbabu. The story-script-dialogues are by Shrikant Baweveyar. Music is  produced by Rajesh Dabre.

Tath Kana Marathi Movie Umesh Kamat

Dr. Actor Umesh Kamat will accept the challenge to play Dr.  Premanand Ramani’s role. “This is the most challenging role in my lifetime, and I am very fortunate to be getting this role ,” Umesh said at this occasion. Also, ‘I am confident that Umesh will fulfill my role and  portray my lifelong journey well’, Dr. Premanand Ramani gave blessings to Umesh and the team of the film.

While talking about the first five experts in the world, who are very skilled in back pain surgery, Name of Premanand Ramani is always taken. Many doctors in the world were struggling to make the surgery successful, but nobody had the technique. At such times, Dr. Ramani made it possible to show it. He named that PLIM (Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion)and Dr. Ramani was known to be known as ‘PLIM Ramani’.

Dr Ramani, is  a unique combination of patience, perseverance, struggle and endeavor. The story of his novel and dramatic journey which is Tath-Kana. Our success is not worth the money. The story of a goal seeker in search of satisfaction of the patient which holds utmost importance The story of a perpetual doctor who exercises with the same concentration and enthusiasm during the eighty-sixth year of age, freely sharing his knowledge, for the society, means … ‘Tath Kana’ – The power Of imagination