Do You Have The Talent To Be A STAR ?


Do You Have The Talent To Be A STAR?

BHARAT PUNARNIRMAN which is aimed at Rebuilding The Future Of India is a campaign focused to provide Employment In Theater and Films. Today in India the biggest problem is Unemployment and we are focusing to address this issue in the Entertainment Industry as there are lakhs of aspiring actors, singers, writers, dancers, music composers, art directors and other technicians who are talented but don’t get a platform. Hollywood & Bollywood filmmaker, Nandita Singgha better known as Michelle has taken a pledge to genuinely give a chance to the deserving talent in an initiative which is coined as “BHARAT PUNARNIRMAN” and through this concept she had even selected one of the lead actors of RED, Sanjay Maurya who after being signed for RED was selected as Hero for many more films thereafter. Nandita Singgha’s RED Movie Teaser which was released worldwide this Gandhi Jayanti is a Tribute To Mahatma Gandhi Philosophy Through Crime Journalism. It was during the making of this movie that Nandita realized that there is enormous talent which is untapped in various parts of India who can get a chance in her movies. She even wants to revive old traditional street plays also known as “Nukkad Natak” which is a part of our traditional heritage as it can provide employment to various people in the villages and smaller cities thus addressing the unemployment issue of India in the Media & Entertainment Industry. This can be source of livelihood for the unemployed who are talented in street plays and folk theater and the most talented actors and other crew who can even get a golden chance in her Hollywood, Bollywood and Regional movies.

 BHARAT PUNARNIRMAN is an Initiative conceptualized by Nandita Singgha who firmly believes in discovering the real talent of India from Tier II Cities, Tier III Cities, Tier IV Towns and all villages of India at the grass root level. This will even be the first initiative across the length and breadth of India in making a social issue reach out to more people in villages related to their livelihood, hygiene, family planning, female foeticide, casteism, dowry, black magic,diseases to name a few. She believes that we have to provide a means of employment to youth who are going directionless and are unemployed even after having a degree. We have seen many gifted actors in Hindi films who are have made it big now but had to struggle for more than 10 years just to get noticed and land a meaty role in Bollywood .We will make the journey simpler by giving them a chance in street plays and if they are very good then even in our multiple films so they don’t have to struggle for so many years.
She can provide a platform for all the talented actors and people working in various media fields who are above 18 years and have them on payroll on a monthly salary basis and her team  will even organise workshops to enhance their skills.

So parents if your child is just a Teenager in School and you want him to make a career in Films and Entertainment GET CONNECTED is the answer. The best part is if your child has the talent in any field related to Acting, Singing, Dancing, Music, Art, Writing etc. then your worries end here as  there are no middlemen or agents in between your child’s Talent and the gate to Stardom. So what are you waiting for Let’s GET CONNECTED and maybe your child is the Next Star in the making that the World is waiting for! 

In order to Pratice what we Preach we are launching both our Websites today for BHARAT PUNARNIRMAN  and GET CONNECTED.The Websites are: and