After the Super hit ‘Mulshi Pattern’ Pravin Vitthal Tarde ow comes with ‘Sirsenapati Hambirrao’!

After the Super hit ‘Mulshi Pattern’ Pravin Vitthal Tarde Now Comes with ‘Sarsenapati Hambirrav’!

The Hindu Swarajya kingdom chieftain Sar Senapati Hambirrao Mohite whose daredevilry and bravado and his leadership of his men to conquer for Maratha Kingdom will be showcased in the forthcoming Urvita Productions ‘Sarsenapati Hambirrav’ launched as a magnum opus whose announcement and poster launch was launched in grand style at Kondanpur on June 5 at 9am .

Shivaji Maharaj who started his campaign for Hindu Swarajya by conquering Kondana fort first and the first capital of Shivaji’s kingdom  Fort Raigad from where the  Poster was launched in the air from a helicopter . Sarsenapati Hambirrav was the army chief of both Shivaji Maharaj and Sambhaji Maharaj . On the occasion of the coronation of Shivchatrapati Shivaji Maharaj , the films writer director Pravin Tarde, producers Sandeep Raghunathrao Mohite Patil,  Subhash Bhora, and Saujanya Suryakant Nikam and Rajendra Kondhre of Marathi Mahasangh , Dhairyashil Mohite Patil, the chief of Talbid village Jaywant Nana Mohite Patil , Advocate Subhash Mohite, Advocate Prashant Mohite, Suresh Mohite, Shirish Mohite, Ganesh Mohite, Arvind Mohite, Rohit Mohite, Pratik Mohite, Vikrant Mohite, entrepreneur and producer Abhijeet Bhosle, industrialist Shekhar Javalkar, Amit Gaikwad, Madhav Surve, Sunil Palkar, Vinod Vanve, Vishal Chandne,, Mahesh Hagavne, Amol Dhavde, Suryakantji Nikam, Subhashji Bora, Suraj  Bhise, Tusharji Bhamre, Ranjeet Dhagji Patil, Abhaysingh Adsul, actors Ramesh Pardeshi, Sunil Abhyankar,, Kiran Yadnopavit, Devendra Gaikwad, Music composer Narendra Bhide, ,Lyric writer Pranit Kulkarni, Shivaji specialist Saurabh Mahesh Karde, art director Eknath Kadam, public relations and marketing chief Vinod Satav and other celebs and dignitaries were present.

Sarsenapati Hambirrav Movie Team

Without any backing of any studio and with the strength of a powerful social issue Pravin Vitthal Tarde made the very successful ‘Mulshi Pattern’. Now he is making a historical in ‘Sarsenapati Hambirrav’.The producer of the film Sandeep Raghunatrao Mohite Patil along with his business and two initiatives ‘Shivneri Foundation’ and ‘Sirnaubat Hambirrao Pratishthan’are doing a lot of social work and other initiatives. And producer Saujanya Suryakant Nikam , the industrialist and the owner of the famed Pune theater Vijay Talkies for the love of Shivaji Maharaj takes the followers  of Shivaji on a trip of Shivaji’s forts from a helicopter . Producer Dharmendra Subhash Bora is into automobiles and after admiring Pravin Tarde’s work in ‘Mulshi Pattern’ decided to make a film with him.

Who will play Shivaji, Sambhaji and Sarsenapati Hambirrav is a big curiosity factor and the shooting for the film will start soon and the film is being readied for a 2020 release as told by Pravin Vitthal Tarde.