” Girls Hostel ” An Mysterious Story of Unpredictable Horror !


“Girls Hostel…Koni Tari Aahe Tithe….” An Mysterious Story of Unpredictable Horror

When we come across a mystery , then the feeling that comes with experience creates a strange kind of fear in our mind. If noticed, these fears are also occasionally occurring, so there is no reason to believe what things might look like. Many times we hear a lot of horror stories in the hostel. Those who live in hostels themselves or who have experienced life in the hostel, know about such things. These stories are further intensified with the stories of night-friendly conversations.

With such scary stories “Girls hostel … Koni Tarhi Ahe Tithe” this new series, is coming on from 10 July Monday to Friday at 10pm only on Zee Yuva. “Girls’ hostel…Koni Tarhi Ahe Tithe” is a story of 9 girls who have come from smaller parts of Maharashtra, to a large city like Mumbai, to make their identities and about that one fear which happened in their lives. An event that would shatter their entire life.

The city of Mumbai, which is alive may it be day or night, is still not as safe as it is said for women. To prove herself in such a situation, Sara Priyanka, Tanvi, Malti, Vallari, Dhyanalaksmi, Sagarika, Neha and Vanitha from Pune, Nashik, Pandharpur, Marathwada such various girls are staying in Savitri girls hostel as roommates, their fun and frolic and small petty conflicts despite of everything they are staying together. While struggling every day, they feel very safe inside the hostel’s wall. The only support that they have in the hostel is of each other, and the safest place in their life is Savitri Girls Hostel. In their safe savitri girls hostel something so terrible happens that now the fun in the girl’s life has come to an end and only thing that remains is fear. It’s a vicious cycle of mysterious events that keep happening ! Every time the feeling of some entity being there is felt and this spreads a fear in the hostel. Zee Yuva and Zee Talkies’s business head when asked about the serial said that, ” Fear, mystery and an adventures are attractions to the human mind. This is a mysterious thriller story line which keeps growing and keeps the audience engrossed in thinking ‘what next?’. This is the only experience that is happening in the heart of Zee Yuva’s new series “Girls hostel… Koni Tarhi Ahe Tithe “. Zee Yuva is doing this experiment for the first time based on human mindset ‘ kharach koni ahe ka tithe?’ Based on this emotion, the audience will see a great series of excitement, suspense, anxiety, fear and mystery. ”

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Zee Yuva always gives a chance to budding young artists. This series has also given an opportunity to many reputed artists. Though these actors debut on the small screen, they have empowered each and every detail of the story with the emphasis on the experiences of different plays. The story is written by Shekhar Dhavalikar and screenwriter Chinmay Mandlekar and the dialogues are from Kumud Ittaraja. “Somil Creation” production’s Amol Bidkar has produced this serial. “Girl’s hostel …Koni Tarhi Ahe Tithe” Coming from the 10th of July, Monday to Friday at 10.00 pm on Zee Yuva is coming to meet the audience.