Are You Ready to Celebrate Ramzan Eid with Lagira Jhal Ji ?

Are You Ready to Celebrate Ramzan Eid with Lagira Jhal Ji

Till today, Zee Marathi has celebrated every festival with its audience. Whether Dasara or Diwali … Either Ganapati or Gudi Padva all are celebrated with joy. Now in the Zee Marathi series, we will see Ramzan Eid’s celebration and enthusiasm in ‘Lagira Jhal Ji‘ series.

This series has recently started, is a story about A relation between the Indian army and Satara district, dreams of the youth and their struggle to achieve that.. Shortly thereafter, the series received the desired appreciation from the audience. Specially, Ajinkya and Sheetal, who starred in the main role, has become very popular, and co-stars like Rahul, Vicky, Yasmin, Harshavardhan, Jamya, Talent are getting the same popularity.

In the rural background, there is a tremendous momentum, Ajya and Shitali are coming to the audience’s liking for removing pranks and crushing each other. In the same series, the audience will now see the celebration of Eid. All the friends will get together at Jasmine’s house to celebrate the festival of Eid and to eat Sheerkhurma, saying Eid Mubarak.

On 26th June, this special part of ‘Lagira Jhal Ji’ on the day of Ramadan Eid at 7 o’clock in the evening. The audience will get to see Zee Marathi.

There is currently a Ramadan atmosphere everywhere. Ramzan is the most sacred festival for Muslim brothers. We get to see the ibadat of Allad during their Fasting or Roza and their eager wait for the Moon or Eid Ka Chand. Something similar to this which will be seen in this series too. Yasmin and her family with friends will celebrate the festival. There will be an opportunity to see what happens and how the people will enjoy the joy of Eid, in the next 26th of June.

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