Interview : Shubh Lagna Saavdhan – Rewati Limaye, Pratik Deshmukh and Trupti Puranik

Interview Shubh Lagna Saavdhan - Rewati Limaye, Pratik Deshmukh and Trupti Puranik

How did you bag this film?

Rewati Limaye

I was doing a film with Subodh Bhave called ‘Conditions Apply’ and the director of the film told me that there was this role of a sister but an important one in ‘ Shubh Lagna Saavdhaan ‘ and I showed them my pictures and gave an audition and I was on board for the film.

Pratik Deshmukh– 

I was into theater and did many commercials where I was noticed and so bagged this film.

What is the story of the film ‘ Shubh Lagna Saavdhaan ‘?

Rewati Limaye –

It is a story about a marriage and the fun the families have while the marriage is happening and all the various funny and serious situations that take place . Actually Subodh Bhave and Shruti Marathe who have never been to a family marriage before come to the marriage and the funny incidents that happen to them form the gist of the film. Shruti Marathe plays my elder sister.

Revati Limaye Actress

Pratik Deshmukh –

It is a fun film with a marriage as its theme and since it is a destination wedding in a resort in Igatpuri, we had loads of fun.

How was it like shooting for the film?

Rewati Limaye –

It was great since I had already worked with Subodh Bhave and shared a comfort level with him and Shruti was the most helpful to me friend on the sets. The Dubai shoot was very enjoyable.

Where was the film shot?

The film was shot completely in a 15 schedule in a posh resort in Dubai..

Pratik Deshmukh –

Igatpuri and Dubai, but not all of the cast shot in Dubai.

Pratik Deshmukh Actor Photos

What next?

Rewati Limaye – 

I have a film called ‘Dil Dimaag Batti and ‘Nidray’ coming up.

Pratik Deshmukh – 

I have a film called ‘Runn’ coming up.

Trupti Puranik –  (Presenter of the Movie)

Trupti Puranik

How did you get into cinema profession?

I always had the dream of making films and hence I fulfilled my dream of making a film. By profession I am an architect.

How was this project conceived?

I liked the story of the film and when Subodh Bhave and when Shruti Marathe came into the picture we had a viable proposition.

You have shot in exotic locales?

We have shot in Dubai, Abudhabi and Igatpuri and the results can be seen on the screen.

Are you satisfied with the results?

Very much so.

What next?

I am planning my second film and will announce it soon.