‘Lal Batti’ Marathi Movie Muhurat

Lal Batti Marathi Movie Muhurat 2

‘Sadrakashanaya Kalanigranaya’ taking this oath police academies work 24 hours for the wellness of the people. To open eyes of people who keep on finding mistakes in police’s work this new movie ‘ Lal Batti‘ will be coming soon to meet us all.

A Sai cinema presentation, produced by Santosh Sonavdekar and directed by Girish Mohite movie ‘ Lal batti’s inauguration was done by Maharashtra State Government cabinet minister  Shri. Eknath Shinde and thane’s police commissioner Paramveer Singh. On this occasion the producer Santosh Sonavdekar and director Girish Mohite, thane’s police deputy commissioner Shree Madhukar Pande, artist Mangesh Desai, Anil Havas along with them many other respected people were present.

Lalbatti movie team
We keep thinking that police are people who keep interacting constantly with criminals and that’s why they are stone hearted. But ‘Lal batti’ movie will look for the man hiding beneath the uniform. Revealing police’s personal life, showing their humanity is what will be  shown in ‘Lal Batti’ says director Girish Mohite. I hope this movie will increase the respect for police which prevails among the people saying this Shree Eknath Shinde gave his best wishes to the team.
Lal Batti Marathi Movie Muhurat

A movie which tells about police’s humanity ‘Lal batti’ has a star cast of Mangesh Desai, Bhargavi Chirmule, Radha Kulkarni, Anil Gavas, Jayendra More, Prashant Mohite, Pradeep Ghule, Shailesh Dhanavade, Tejas S. , Suresh Chaudhary etc. A Sai cinema presentation, produced by Santosh Sonavdekar and directed by Girish Mohite movie ‘ Lal batti’. The movie’s story writing and screenplay writing has been done by Abhay Dakhane whereas the dialogue writing has been done by Arvind Jagtap. The movie’s cinematography has been done by Krishna Sore and everything is put together by Nilesh Gavand. Suitable to the movie, music is being given by Avinash- Vishwajeet. The movie’s art director is Digambar Talekar whereas Atul Salvi is the executive producer.

Soon the making of the movie ‘Lal batti’ will begin.