Kaay Re Rascalaa’s ‘Kohinoor’ is Ready to Shine !


Most awaited romantic song of the season “Chehara Tuza Kohinoor” which is picturized on Gaurav Ghatnekar and Bhagyashree Mote, from the film “Kaay Re Rascalaa” is released on social platforms. The movie is produced by Priyanka Chopra’s Purple Pebble Pictures.

Chehara Tuza Kohinoor is sung in the melodious voice of Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam. Here in we will witness the first time love chemistry ever between the Gaurav and Bhagyashree. In this song Gaurav aka Raj will be seen trying to impress Bhagyashree in the most romantic manner.

The Kohinoor song has been shot in the amazing historic location in one of the oldest portugese fort. The song boast a scenic romantic beauty, alongside the magnificent caves in diu.

Duo Rohan-Rohan has lent the music to ‘Kaay Re Rascalaa’. Written and directed by Giridharan Swamy, produced by Priyanka Chopra and Dr. Madhu Chopra whereas Kunickaa Sadanand is the assosiate producer of this film.

Kaay Re Rascalaa slated to release on 14 July all over Maharashtra.