Love’s ‘RomCom’ Story Hits Cinema Halls Soon !

Love's 'RomCom' Story Hits Cinema Halls Soon !

Film industry’s existence would not be there without the concept of love.Though many films have come to this very concept, love is seen differently from each movie. Now Romcom is going to present love in a different way.

Recently, the film was inaugurated in Mumbai. This was done at the hands of popular actors Milind Gawli and Kishor Kadam. Sachin Shinde is producing the film under the banner of his production house ‘Dream Launcher Entertainment, with Shushil Sharma as a co-producer. Gorakh Jogdande, who supports and takes up new ideas for this experiments, is the director of this film. Producer Sachin Shinde has previously worked as a casting director for many commercials, series and films. Now he is making debut in the production of Romcom.

Romcom is a love story of Rahul and Suman. The story is in between Rahul, who is crazy and deeply mad about movies and Suman, who belongs to a traditional family. Will their story be successful? What all will Rahul has to do to get is true love? This all is presented in an interesting and joyful way. Apart from this, many of the other well-liked things are in the film, and the details about it will soon be announced.

The highlight of the film is that Kishor Kadam, who gave different hues to the movies by acting in his acting style, and Sairat fame Chhaya Kadam are plays the lead role. With them are some senior actors such as Ashok Shinde, Swati Pansare, Mrudula Vaibhav. Mrudula Vaibhav is the Creative Head, while Sheetal Pavaskar has taken responsibility of Costume Design. Aniket Karanjkar’s cinematography and Sajan Patel has given the music of the film.

‘Even after working in Hindi for many years, there was a sense of belongingness towards Marathi language and films. So, this is my first film in Marathi. ROMCOM has a great unique love story, which will be loved by audience for sure.” said Producer Sachin Shinde.