Lagan Marathi Movie Trailer Released in Presence of All Movie Team !


Love is the softest corner of everyone’s mind. Some are completely immersed in it, while some are sealed with it’s essence, some did suffered a lot because of it, but the film ‘Lagan’ convinced us that there is more happiness in cherishing in love than falling in love. The trailor launch ceremony of this movie have recently taken place, and the movie will hit the silver screen on May 6. The film is produced by GB Entertainment and is directed by Arjun Yashwantrao Gujar. All the actors from this film expressed their belief that ‘Lagan’ film will show the true meaning of love to everyone and will surely win the hearts of the audience.

“Oh god! Your eyes are always close to the rhythm of tears and it hurts me the most when I see you like this”. In this film with such a soft tagline, the audience will get to see the story of two compassionate lovers who overcame the struggle, fell in love and fought for it.

In this film we’ll get to see faces of a young couple, Sujit Chaire and Shweta Kale. While showing the journey of feelings in love and relationship a message is being portrait through this film that “Lagan… It’s very easy to say that you’re in love but when it comes to work hard and sacrifice for love it isn’t that easy”

Along with this new duo, the film stars Smita Tambe, Prashant Tapaswi, Shubham Shinde, Apeksha Chalawade, Anil Nagarkar, Ramchandra Dhumal etc. also played an effective role in the film.
Lagan Marathi Movie Trailer Released Team
Lagan film is written and directed by Arjun Yashwantrao Gujar and shot by Sopan Purandare and Ranjit Mane. Music of the film is by P. Shankaram, Vijay Gawande, Rohit Nagbhide and Ajay Gogavale, Adarsh ​​Shinde, Chinmayi Shripad, Omkarswaroop Bagde, P. Shankaram have composed the songs for the film. Background music by P. Shankaram and sound design is done by Vikas Khandare.

‘Lagan’ which offers a different definition of love will be released in May 6.

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