First Look of ‘Hrudayat Something Something’ Released !

First Look of 'Hrudayat Something Something' Released !

After falling in love, one feels to meet that person continuously. We feel to have that person with us for whom we have the special feelings. And for this lovers do many things. And because of that chemical reactions of love, many funny things happen in life too. The film ‘Hrudayat Something Something’ is based on the same.

The Pyramid Films House presentation ‘Hrudayat Something Something’ is produced by Vinodkumar Jain, Shailendra Parakh, Swapnil Chavhan, and Atul Gugale. This film co-produced by Sachin Nathuram Sant, has been directed by Pravin Raja Karale.

First look of ‘Hrudayat Something Something’ was launched on social media recently. After the launch of the first look poster, the film’s producer Vinodkumar Jain said, “After falling in love, ‘Hrudayat something something’ happens in everyone’s hearts. Once in a life, everyone has experienced such filings. After falling in love, while you try to impress that person. While doing this, what happens when few funny and comic incidents occur in your life and the film is all about it.

Hrudayat Something Something

Director Praveen Raja Karale tells about the film, “This film is a family comedy. I have full faith in the dialogues written by Anil Kalelkar that you will always laugh throughout the film. Audience have not witnessed such a topic in a long term of Marathi film industry. Even though the film is about love, the film is worth watching together, from a 90-year-old grandmother in the family to the kid of 9 years of age. ”

Pyramid Films House presentation, produced by Vinodkumar Jain, Shailendra Parakh, Swapnil Chavhan and Atul Gugale and directed by Praveen Karale, ‘Hrudayat Something Something’ will be releasing on 5th October 2018.