‘Raja Shiv Chhatrapati’ Coming Back on Star Pravah

'Raja Shiv Chhatrapati' Coming Back on Star Pravah Serial

‘Raja Shiv Chhatrapati’ Coming Back on Star Pravah


The great Maratha warrior Shivaji Chhatrapati Maharaj is once again all set to make inroads into the heart of every Maharashtra even as politicians of all hues scramble to take credit for the building of a might statue of the 17th Century King in the Arabian Sea off Mumbai.

Shivaji Maharaj has always been the most respected ideal of every Maharashtrian and his historical fights against the invaders has always served to inspire the present as well as future generations in not only in the state but the whole nation.

But if one were to carefully scrutinize the neglected state of the forts built by the mighty warrior for the protection of the people of Maharashtra in his times, one cannot but say that the political leaders today only pay lip-service to the great man.

And, so to inspire the people in Maharashtra and remind them of this brave heart Marathi channel Star Pravah is going ahead to re-air the popular serial ‘Raja Shiv Chhatrapati’ a biographical sketch of the warrior and his times beginning February 6 at 9.30 pm. 

Shivaji Maharaj’s history is once again all set to be beamed into each and every household in the state. Shivaji Maharaj’s greatness lies in the fact that he took every sections of the Maharashtrian society under an inclusive umbrella without ever discriminating against anybody on the basis of religion, caste or social position as he took on the mighty Mughals, the Adil Shahi kingdom of Bijapur and Nizam Shahi kingdom of Ahmednagar.

'Raja Shiv Chhatrapati' Coming Back on Star Pravah

Running under the auspices of ‘Don’t Stop Now’ Star Pravah has brought excellent quality programming to its viewers.

While preserving Marathi heritage and making the populace aware about their martial and intellectual capabilities, Shivaji Maharaj endeavoured to inspire the peopleof Maharashtra and it is with the same zeal that, on popular demand, Star Pravah is once again airing the popular historical serial Raja Shiv Chhatrapati to inspire the people of Maharashtra.

This serial is being re-aired under the ‘Priceless Collection of Star Pravah’, an initiative of the channel to inspire people.

Raja Shiv Chhatrapati was produced by art director Nitin Desai and directed by Hemant Deodhar. The title song for the serial was scored by music director Ajay-Atul (the Gogavale brothers) and is still popular.

The role of Shivaji Maharaj essayed by Dr Amol Kolhe, Mrunal Kulkarni’s Jijau, Avinash Narkar’s Shahaji Maharaj, and Yatin Karyekar’s Aurangzeb is still remembered by the people.

Every Maharashtrian who wants to draw inspiration from the great Maratha warrior and take a vow for Maharashtra’s resurgence must definitely watch this serial.