Chinmay Udgirkar and Mayuri Kapadane Unite For ‘Premwaari’!

Chinmay Udgirkar and Mayuri Kapadane Unite For ‘Premwaari’!

Rajendra Gaikwad’s new love story with a difference ‘Premwaari’ features hunky Chinmay Udgirkar and newbie telly star Mayuri Kapadne in lead roles . We interview the star pair on a tele-con.

Chinmay – What is the film all about?

It is a story about a responsible boy  Rahul from less means falling in love with a beautiful girl Pooja in his college played by Mayuri but the responsibilities on his young shoulders make Chinmay very wary of his love and impending marriage and that he is not able to express his true feelings to Mayuri and also they face parental opposition.

Mayuri- Tell us something about the director.

 Director Rajendra Gaikwad has made such a sensitive film with lots of grey in his characters and he made all his actors very comfortable on the sets .

Chinmay- How was it like working on the film?

I had worked with Mayuri in a TV show where she played my sister and hence it was a shock for me to romance her but Mayuri is a true support and vibed very well with me and we handled all the scenes together very satisfactorily.

 Mayuri – Do you have any anxious expectations from your debut film? What is your role like in the film?

I am very nervous because this is my  first film to be released since her three films are in the cans waiting to be released like the much acclaimed  ‘Domb’ and I am  very upbeat about playing this simple very much in love character in a college and it was much like my own self.

What is the USP of the film?


The songs composed by Amit Raj and the songs picturized beautifully on us.  One song sung by Sonu Nigam and Shreyya Goshal is already a chartbuster. The songs have been picturised and the movie has been shot in a beautiful village called Vari in Ahmednagar District.

Your favorite role models?

Chinmay- Abhijeet Chavan and Bharat Ganeshpure becayse they can do any comedy or serious roles and are yet very disciplined actors.

Mayuri- I take the good points of all actors I work with like Sukanya Kulkarni Mone with whom I am working with.

The directors you would like to with?


Any good and sensitive director.

Mayuri- I want to work with Rohit Shetty.

What next?

Chinmay is busy on telly with a long running show Ghadge and Soon on Colors Marathi. Film ‘Premwaari’ is certain to give Chinmay and Mayuri a good fillip to their nascent careers!