The Romantic Song Of ‘Boyz-2’ Giving the Feel of Pristine Cold of Ladakh !


In college life which is followed by the usual love world and the boys and girls in this world , the scenario of ‘BOYZ-2’ in which the song ‘Shona’, this romantic song was launched on social networking sites .The song shot in Ladakh and giving the feel of chillingly romantic terrain has been penned by famed lyric writer Mandar Cholkar and sung by Rohit Raut and Juili Joglekar. In the picturesque natural locations and in chilling cold , the song which flowers in sublime love has been picturized on Sumant Shinde and Sayali Patil, this new fresh pair. The song bound to please couples in love with its beautiful visuals simply mesmerizes the viewers.

Sumant Shinde and Sayali Patil shona song

Even if the song feels beautiful screen, a lot of hard work has gone in to picturize the song behind the camera. Because in the snow-laden terrrain and chilling cold thee was blood coming out of the noses of many unit members and they had to be admitted in the hospital and not only that, during the picturization of the song the actors had to put on oxygen cylinders to inhale . But this song shot in the harsh locales is being lauded by the audiences.

Sumant Shinde and Sayali Patil song

The film produced by Eros International and Everest Entertainment in association with Avdhoot Gupte and Supreme Motion Pictures , the film is set to release on 5 th October , this brings the double the entertainment of ‘Boyz’. The film stars Sumant Shinde along with Parth Bhalerao and Pratik Lad , the film has a feast of young stars and this film set in the college life has been directed by Vishal Devrukhkar and dialogues by Hrishikesh Koli . The enjoyable sequel to ‘Boyz’ is brought to you by producers by Lalasaheb Shinde, Rajaram Shinde, and Sanjay Chhabria of Everest Entertainment. The film is being released world wide by Eros International.