Teaser Poster of Baarayan : Focuses on Education !


The upcoming Marathi movie is making a mark from the release of its teaser poster itself. The first thing to catch your attention is the unique title of the film – Barayan. When you focus further on the poster, you realise that the film might be making a comment on our education system. But it doesn’t seem to be trying to only make a comment, but also using the protractor to look at the system in a different angle. The bow and arrow made by the pencil, protractor and compass seems to be taking a particular aim. Well, we shall come to know what is it targeting only when the film releases in the theatres.

Now, let’s ponder a bit over the title. Baarayan? Is it about the whole ‘Ramayan’ that the students of the 12th standard (baravi) go through? Is the title trying to take a dig at the whole hype surrounding the HSC exam? Well, whatever it is, the poster has certainly made us curious, as well as many others, as the terrific response to the poster on social media shows. Everyone is rather curious to know which actors the film will star; this would also be announced soon.

One thing is certain, ‘Baarayan’ produced by Daivata Patil of Onjal Arts and directed by Deepak Patil is going to be anything but a clichéd take on the eduction system. Marathi cinema is leading the rest of the industries in terms of content. The excellent representation in the Indian Panaroma section of the prestigious International Film Festival of India is a solid proof of Marathi cinema’s quality output.

It seems ‘Baarayan’ too will be a film that will live up to the expectations one has from Marathi cinema, these days. The film will release in the theatres on 12th January, 2018.