‘Rajan’ Marathi Movie Based On Life of Chota Rajan


‘Rajan’ Marathi Movie Based On Life of Chota Rajan

There are many films came in Bollywood based on myths of Haji Mastaan, Dawood, Varadrajan and audiences also given a extraordinary response to these films which based on the notorious villains life. So many movies came in Bollywood as well as on silver screen.

Rhythm Movie’s Association Mudita Films and Anusaya Enterprises presents “Rajan” coming soon on silver screen. The film will experience a thrill which haven’t experienced before. But currently its a mystery regarding the actor who will do the role of Rajan in this movie.


“Every man always try to make his identity in the society and he has some its goals and aims so he is trying hard to achieve that. But this obstinacy brings him in a trouble, is a plot of the movie expressed,” writer and director Bharat Sunanda. Rahul Gautam Satdive, Darshana Sagar Bhandage, Deepti Shripat produced and Kalyan Shivaji Kadam, Dhanush Khandare, Hemant Vamansheth Patil co-produced ‘Raajan’ movie will win heart of audience doubtlessly.

हि न्यूज मराठी मध्ये वाचण्यासाठी येथे क्लीक करा ….