‘Bogda’ Showcasing Mother-Daughter Relationship, Coming Soon….

'Bogda' Showcasing Mother-Daughter Relationship, Coming Soon....

The movie ‘Bogda‘, produced by Nitin Keni, coming to theaters on 6th September. The film featuring a mother and daughter relationship, poster of which was launched recently on social media. Actress Mrunmayi Deshpande and veteran actress Suhas Joshi are in a lead role in this film which is written and directed by Nisheeta Keni.

The title ‘Bogda’ has created huge curiosity in the audience. Director Nisheeta Keni herself has written the screenplay and dialogues of the film showcasing various aspects of the relationship between mother and daughter. Talking about the film based on women, she says, “There have been fewer films made in Marathi on women dominating character. So in this film, I have given more importance to the feminine characteristic. It is a film capturing the relationship of every mother and daughter in the world, and I have tried to present them with a delicate feeling of conflict and love.”. Not only this, the movie ‘Bogda’, which is rich in lustrous artwork, has got a great deal of ‘Whistling Wood’.

Bogda Marathi Movie Posters

The film’s director herself is a student of this leading film institute in India. Behind the scenes, photographer Pradeep Vignvelu, compiler Parth Saurabh, sound recordist Kartik Pangare, costume designer Yashmita Baane all are from ‘Whistling Wood’, so ‘Bogda’ movie will be a model of quality art. The film’s producer Karan Konde is also a former Whistling Wood student and with the quartet of Surech Panmand, Nanda Panmand and director Nishita Keni, ‘Bogda’ has been produced.

So don’t miss to watch ‘Bogda’ on 6th September in the theaters near you.