Romantic Musical Love Story ‘Jhing Premachi’ Releasing on 29th June

Romantic Musical Love Story 'Jhing Premachi' Releasing on 29th June

Love is an universal language and the same could be witnessed in almost all the movies made across the world. Indian movies especially Hindi movies thrive on the emotion Love. People in love get so much engrossed in the feeling and with each other that they are unaware of the things happening around them. They get intoxicated with the emotion that they feel everyone around them is an angel and the world around them is beautiful. Taking this feeling of intoxication in love further a Marathi movie is being made with a title ‘Jhing Premachi.

‘Jhing Premachi’ is being produced by Vijaykumar Sapkal under the banner Vijay Usha and this love story is being directed by Shahid Khan for Viewfinder Production. Shahid Khan is an eminent writer in Bollywood and he is debuting as a director with this Marathi film. Also he has written the story, screenplay and dialogues of this movie. Since the movie is a musical love story, music plays an integral and pivotal part. The lilting music is composed by Mahesh-Rakesh and lyrics are by Vijay Gamre and Shahid Khan. The film has five songs with different genres out of which a Sufi song will be well received during the upcoming Ramzan Eid.

‘Jhing Premachi’ can boast of unique locations appearing for the first time in a Marathi movie. Songs are pictured at Taj Mahal, which features in the seven wonders of the world and considered an epitome of love, and the famous Red Fort. These historical places lend depth to the concept of love depicted in the movie and also it will be a treat for viewers.
Deepak and Jyoti, two lovebird of the village, madly falls in love with each other but their love is never accepted in village, society, not even in their home. A womanizer and alcoholic guy Ravikant from the same village wants Jyoti to fulfil his own pleasures. For that Ravikant started spreading bad rumors of their love affair in the village. both families get very much disturbed by this rumour and instead of supporting their children, their father goes against their love and hammer their thoughts on their children but Deepak and Jyoti couldn’t agree with their parents. They want to be in love forever. Jyoti’s brother Vishal comes to their support and suggest they should elope and start new life in another city. But destiny had written something else in their life. What happens to Deepak and Jyoti’s love story is the story of this film.

Sandesh Gaur and Sheetal Tiwari are debuting in a Marathi film. They have done considerable amount of work in Hindi entertainment industry and now are longing for the traditional Marathi audiences’ appreciation. Ranjeet Jog, Smita Pawar, Mohaq Kansara, Mrulalini Jamble, Amol Chaudhary, Anil More, Ratan Somvare, Jairam Shahu, Vipul Deshpande, Popatrao Chavan, Diipjyoti Naik, Smruti Patkar and Ganesh Yadav lend good support in important roles. Cinematography is by Jai Nandan Kumar and sound designing is by Shailesh Sapkal. Umashankar Mishra (Viky) is the editor and choreography is by Rajesh Rane and Preetpal Gill (Monty). Riyaz Baloch is the executive producer.