Ankush Chaudhari is enroute in creating new horizons In Marathi film fraternity

ankush chaudhari

Ankush Chaudhari

Ankush Chaudhari, a magnum opus personality in the genre of Marathi films is not leaving any stone unturned. His impeccable performance in ‘Classmates, Double seat and Dagadi Chaawl, has win over millions of hearts. He has made it to a level that he is been considered as the toast of the Marathi Film Industry. His astounding and phenomenal performance in Dagadi Chaawl has broken all the earlier records by accumulating a gargantuan opening collection. Year 2015 have been fantastic and stupendously blessed for him as he has given three back to back hits which has occupied an unshakeable position in the Marathi film fraternity.

He is one of the finest and best actors of Marathi film Industry. Capturing millions of hearts not only through his good looks but also garnering elevating significance with his brilliant performances on-screen. By delivering his best through his back-to-back hits in the year 2015, Ankush has proved his credibility and authenticity as an actor, who takes his career too seriously and his primary goal is to sweep the audience off their feet by his breathtaking performance and that is the reason why viewers are going gaga over him. Ankush has been recently hounored by ‘Favourite Style Icon’ and ‘Favourite Actor’ awards in Maharashtracha Favourite Kon 2015. He considers those awards as the token of love and appreciation given by the movie lovers and his fans.

With every movie, Ankush is growing stronger as an actor. Amongst all his movies, his phenomenal acting in Sanjay Jadhav’s Duniyadari as Digambar Shankar Patil (DSP) was highly appreciated by the critics and the audience as well. After the blockbuster Duniyadari Sanjay Jadhav is again teaming up with Ankush Chaudhari for his upcoming movie ‘Guru’ which will hit the theatres in the year 2016. In this movie Ankush Choudhari will be seen in a different avatar. Action packed performance by Ankush in the movie will be a delightful treat for his fans to watch.

Seems like Ankush’s sole goal of the year 2016 is to reach the pinnacle point by delivering stunning and mind-blowing performances.