Hampi will Make You Fall in Love With Yourself!


“A beautiful city can make our life beautiful, too. Some places our indeed so charming, but only the company of people will make that place memorable.” – the upcoming film ‘Hampi’ is based on this gorgeous thought. The historic city of Hampi will be treated like a character in the film. It is indeed ideas like these that has raised Marathi cinema to their high current standards.

The poster and the teaser of Hampi have already gone viral on the internet, courtesy it’s fresh and glamorous looks. The trailer and music of the film was recently launched with much fanfare. While Vaibhav Joshi and Onkar Kulkarni have penned the lyrics, Narendra Bhide and Aditya Bedekar have put them to music.

In the film, a rather disappointed and lost Isha (Sonalee Kulkarni), comes for a nice getaway at Hampi which ends up changing her life forever.

Now, whether Hampi is a love story or a story about falling in love with yourself, or a fine blend of the two – that will be answered by Aditi Moghe’s lovely screenplay and Prakash Kunte’s deft direction. Kunte’s previous films were loved by one and all, so Hampi is being eagerly awaited by his fans.

The film has a solid star cast comprising Sonalee Kulkarni, Priyadarshan Jadhav, Prajakta Mali, Lalit Prabhakar and Chhaya Kadam. The background score is composed by Aditya Bedekar, while ace cinematographer Amalendhu Chaudhary has brought the frames to life with his exceptional work. Noted choreographer Phulwa Khamkar has set the dances in the film.

‘Hampi’ has been produced by ‘Swaroop Samarth Entertainment’ and presented by Amol Joshi Productions, Swarup Recreations & Media Pvt. Ltd. Akash Pendharkar, Sayali Joshi, Sachin Narkar and Vikas Pawar. The film which will release in the whole of Maharashtra on 17th November, will not only entertain but also give the audience a nice tour of Hampi.