Mulshi Pattern Marathi Movie Review Star Rating

Mulshi Pattern Marathi Movie Review Stars Critics Box Office Collection
  • Movie Review – Mulshi Pattern (2018)
  • Starcast – Mohan Joshi (Sakharam), Mahesh Manjarekar (Hamal), Upendra Limaye (Kadu Saheb), Pravin Tarade (Nanya Bhai), Om Bhootkar (Rahul), Malvika Gaikwad (Deepali), Savita Malpekar (Dhurpi), Sunil Abhyankar (Vakil), Kshitij Date (Ganesh), Ramesh Pardeshi, Devendra Gaikwad, Suresh Vishwakarma, Deepti Dhotre, Milind Dastane, Ajay Purkar, Jayesh Sanghavi, Akshay Tanksale, Aryan Shinde
  • Director – Pravin Vitthal Tarde
  • Studio –  Abhijit Bhosale Genuine Productions Ltd. And Puneet Balan Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
  • Producer – Abhijit Bhosale Genuine Productions Ltd. And Puneet Balan Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
  • Duration – 02:35Min
  • Star Rating – 04 Star

Review – 

Mulshi Pattern Marathi movie is the story has a farmer who has sold all his lands. The headman of the village Patil and the earning member of the farmers family Sakharam (Mohan Joshi) who after spending all his money becomes a watchman of the very building on which once his lands had stood. His son Rahul (Om Bhutkar) watches all of this and always is venting his anger against his father with barbs and after they spend everything, they come to Pune city and his father starts work as a porter in the market yard. In one escapde his son gets into a fisti cup and  lands in jail where he meets Nanya Bhai (Pravin Tarde) who ensnares him and makes him a part of his core group. Because of the behavior of this boy, he gets termed as Bakasur and this Bakasur eats up the very Narya Bhai who had made him a part of  his group. Now he becomes all powerful and even the police can’t do anything against them as their hands are tied and Inspector Kadu (Upendra Limaye) thinks of many ruses to catch him. But Rahul is climbing the steps of notoriety one rung by rung and makes enemies because of his high progress. His parents refuse  to live off the means of  their son’s crimes and then there is the usual climax

Though the story is simple , the presentation and the treatment and the screenplay and dialogues  has been done well by Pravin Tarde. How if a man is so mad with anger and that it reaches his mind, how much a high point of destruction it can attain is shown in the film. What we can’t buy due to lack of money and seeing another person buy it is a scene excellently shot in the hotel. The film finishes with the message  that this is a continuing cycle of the vortex of a miserable circle. Om Bhutkar  has really lived his role. An angry young man and all his anger vented on his father and then becoming a don after going
to jail and blaming his father for all his miseries and after seeing the loss of the smile on his fathers  face  after becoming a gang-lord is very powerfully played by him. Mohan Joshi is as good and powerful as usual.

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The grief of selling his lands and his eyes looking down with pain is a very communicative trait of Joshi’s  character . Mahesh Manjrekar’s  character is  one who carries a lot of baggage on his shoulders andwith his dialogues a lot of things in the script are  revealed and his character turns mysterious  . The good friend of Bakasur r (Kshitij Date) is very good  and. the opponent of Bakasur and one who can’t fight the strength  of Bakasur are  bhais (don) played by Ramesh Pardeshi and Devendra Gaikwad   and these roles have been portrayed impressively. The role of the lawyer is played very well by Sunil Abhyankar. The film which has good performances, dialogues and a good screenplay loses its grip after the first half. The ‘Ara Ara Ara song is catchy and the turns that brings the song on is more effective. The editing and some of the situations which slow down the pace and  if they had been  pacy , the film would have been more better.