Saksham Kulkarni’s ‘Papya Rane’ in CafeMarathi Brand New Video!


Actor Saksham Kulkarni, who is familiar to everyone, is now in the news for his new role as Papya Rane. He has done a remarkable role in movies like  ‘De Dhakka’, ‘Pak Pak Pakak’, ‘Shikshanacha aaicha gho’ etc. He made his mark in Marathi Flim Industry. Presently, He Played a Role of Papya Rane, in ‘Every Marathi House Party Ever’ by CafeMarathi, is becoming very popular among the Marathi audience.Just recently, Saksham Kulkarni played role in the CafeMarathi “Padded Pushup” web series. He has done this kind of comedy video for the first time with CafeMarathi.

His character as Papya Rane has been becoming favorite among the Youth. How Marathi youth does party is shown in a humorous way. His style of speech, gesture, is completely mesmerizing. When he acknowledged that his parent has left for the village that too for 2 days he immediately calls all his friends to invite them to his house party in the evening.

He even explains to his friends how they can get good deals with hotels and amenities through the mobile app of Trivago in a very friendly way. How saksham means papya and his friends had fun and created a mess all around the house. This video can be viewed on YouTube for free. This video is directed by Sandip Manohar Navre.