Sachin-Abhinay off to Switzerland: Shooting of “Ashi hi Ashiqui” in it’s final stage !

Sachin Abhinay off to Switzerland Shooting of Ashi hi Ashiqui in its final stage

Sachin Pilgaonkar’s promise of gifting a new movie to his fans on his 60th birthday, has reached the final stage and the crew will be shooting couple of songs and some part of the film in Switzerland. Sachin Pilgaonkar is the first director to shoot his Marathi movie in the picturesque environment of Switzerland. As the name itself contains the word ‘Ashiqui’, young and fresh love-story will be presented and charming Abhinay Berde will don the colours of ‘Ashiqui’ for us. This movie will mark debut of a promising new female lead who will make Abhinay fall in love in the movie.

Sachin Pilgaonkar, while sharing his selfies with Abhinay on social media says, while shooting of ‘Ashi hi Ashiqui‘, presence of Abhinay on the sets reminded him of the days spent with Lakshmikant Berde during the shoot of ‘Ashi hi Banvabanvi’. This film will be screened on December 14th and will be another great love story in this year.


An interesting aspect of this film is that Sachin Pilgaonkar, whom we have seen as an actor, writer, director, singer and producer, will now be seen in the role of music director. For last many years, he has entertained audiences with his unique style of direction. And now, after a gap of five years, we will once again witness his directorial prowess. Along with directing the movie and it’s music he has written the story, script and dialogues for the movie.

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Select Media Holdings and T-Series production, ‘Ashi hi Ashiqui’ is co-produced by Sushriya Chitra and Vazir Sinha, Joe Rajan and Supriya Pilgaonkar are the makers of the film.

So far, 21 films have been directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar and for the first time he will showcase aspects of love through this film. It will be a delight to the audiences to see the new style of Sachin, who is bestowed with evergreen personality.