Aarchi Aka Rinku Rajguru to Play the Lead Role For Kaagar !

Aarchi Aka Rinku Rajguru to Play the Lead Role For Kaagar !

The National Award winning actress Rinku Rajguru stars in this much talked about film ‘Kaagar‘ which is coming on 14 February on the occasion of Valentine Day and will be a celebration of love!

The film is produced under the banner of ‘Udaharnarth ‘ Films by Vikas Kolte and Vikas Hande and National Award winning director Makarand Mane is the director of the film. He has earlier directed a film on father son relationship called ‘Ringan’ and a story about four school mates called ‘Yungraad’. Both these films had different subjects and with the title of the film like ‘Kaagar’ there is a lot of curiosity about the film in the audiences. Director Makarand Mane who hails from Akluj and Rinku Rajguru are working together for the first time.

The poster of the film is also unique with Rinku Rajguru standing behind a curtain and a lot of plant vines around it and Rinku ‘s attitude demeanor and strong expression in her eyes but we can’t decipher what the film is all about from the poster but with Rinku in the poster it arouses a lot of expectations from her fans, and also about the rest of the cast.,

“To know the definition of ‘Kaagar’ and to enjoy the significance of Valentine’s day on 14 February and to strengthen the relationship between all of us and to understand and experience the delicate feeling of love in an eye to eye look , we are bringing ‘Kaagar’ ”
says Makarand Mane.