‘Saath De Tu Mala’ – A New Serial on Star Pravah !

'Saath De Tu Mala' - A New Serial on Star Pravah !
  • Starcasts – Savita Prabhune, Ashutosh Kulkarni, Rohan Gujar, Priyanka Tendulkar, Priya Marathe, Piyush Ranade, Arun Nalawade, Meghna Vaidya, Deepak Karanjikar, Ashwini Kulkarni, Shradha Pokhrankar, Richa Apte, Anil Rasal, Rohan Pednekar, Vaibhav Rajendra, Asavari Tare, Ankit Mhatre , Purva Kaushik, Kiran Rajput, Sonali Magar, Jay Choubey
  • Serial Timing –

The channel Star Pravah always brings you the best and different kinds of shows that the audience appreciates a great deal.  And now comes a completely ‘different’ kind of a show from their stable. The name of the show is ‘Saath De Tu Mala’. This is the story of a girl who wants to chase her dreams.

The girl, Prajakta, wants to be a fashion designer and the best in the business. And even after marriage she is aiming for her career but she is not the type who wants to relinquish everything for  a career. She wants to achieve her dreams but she wants her own family after marriage and she won’t let marriage dither her dreams. She is an icon for all those girls and women who want to be a home maker and a topper in their career too. And that’s why this show ‘Saath De Tu Mala’ will be identified with themselves by the audiences. The show will highlight all those who will help Prajakta to achieve her dreams in this very watchable story.

'Saath De Tu Mala'

The show has Priyanka Tendulkar as Prajakta who makes her debut, Ashutosh Kulkarni, Savita Prabhune, Rohan Gujar, Priya Marathe, Piyush Ranade, and a great ensemble cast. The Content Programming Head of STAR PRVAH, namely Satish Rajwade says, “ The Channel STAR PRAVAH is known to show the stories that are in mirror of the society and ‘Saath De Tu Mala’ will also handle all those questions that arise in the minds of the audiences. The show depicts a beautiful and sensitive relationship with a very good story”.  So don’t miss this journey of Prajakta on the show ‘Saath De Tu Mala’ only on STAR PRAVAH !